Lost and Found - Part 2 - Finding My way

The Age of Understanding

Only a few find the way, some don't recognize it when they do - some... don't ever want to.” The Cheshire Cat

In Judaism the number 40 holds real significance, 40 is a symbolic number. Moses’ life was split into three sections of 40 years and he spent three consecutive periods of "forty days and forty nights" on Mount Sinai. We also know that Jesus had to fast for 40 days in the wilderness and we all know the flood story of 40 days and nights.

So for Jews it is only in their 41st year that men are considered to reach the age of ‘binah’ or understanding indeed of the prerequisites for a man to study Kabbalah is that he is forty years old.

I draw your attention to this as I consider that my real understanding of what you might term ‘the mysteries’ did not begin until I was 40, well 41 in fact, my birthday occurring just a week before I moved into my new accommodation.

Note that 41 is the reverse or mirror value of 14.

'So what you say', well there is often significance connected to the opposite or reflection of a thing. Indeed the mirror has a very close association with water and the female archetype.

I didn’t know this at the time but in Hebrew the word for mother is ‘Em’ whose Gematria Value is 41.

The Numbers Return

In my first few days at the House I realised a few things firstly the landlords Gary and Liz were pretty devout Christians, the other lodger Matthew, was a very smart guy who liked to discuss openly various subjects including the conspiratorial. So the first time we sat down in the lounge together and had a discussion, while the topics varied and the conversation was fairly stimulating.

For some reason having declared my religious scepticism I decided to tell my Number story to them all. Liz seemed to find it fascinating and after the conversation I went upstairs switched on the computer and thought for a few moments. I then realised that our house rather than having a number had a name ‘Pippins’. Which immediately made me think I wonder what the houses number would be if I found the Gematria of it.

So I opened up the NAEQ and typed in Pippins.

Oh so close I thought, what would I have done if it was 140?

So I then typed in ‘Father’, I wondered why I hadn't done that before now, or maybe I had, but if I had I had no recollection of the number.

I finally typed in Gary and Liz’s names: Gary = 51 and Liz = 33. I realised that together 51 + 33 = 84.

Was that significant I wondered? Were they somehow together going to fill that role? It did make me wonder, but not much more than that. The next day when I spoke to Liz I told her about my typing in the house name, as the house didn’t have a number and it being 143.

She looked at me with the same look of intrigue she had the night before and said, “oh but the house does have a number, it is the number 3”.

As soon as she said that my slumbering intuition again began to stir again, another 3 and add that onto 140 and you get 143. Tthis means something was my immediate thought, I am sure it does, but what?

Over the next few days I pondered the question, but I didn’t have as much time as I would have liked due to me having lots of problems with the Car I had recently purchased just the month before. As I looked at my beautiful yet seemingly totally unreliable car I stared at the registration plate.

I immediately saw the 84 on there and wondered if that was in any way connected with... no how on earth could it be, now I was making what even I felt were leaps yet it wouldn’t leave me alone.

So to put it to rest I decided that if the number 84 on there was significant then each of the letters must be as well, otherwise it’s barely a coincidence.

So as the 84 had come from the NAEQ I would use that with the other letters and nothing else.

So I typed in the letters and their values were:

W = 3

N = 14

W = 3

P = 26.

Now there were two W's meaning two 3's which again made me think more 3’s, plus a synchronistic 14.

The only symbol that didn’t seem to have any significance was the P or 26. I now stopped to consider what was going on here, when I purchased the car it was not the car I had researched and gone to buy but a different car that I ended up buying because of the way it looked.

Was that just chance or what it more than that? Was there a message here if so where was it coming from?

Follow that star

It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backwards” the White Queen to Alice

While I was pondering on this I had so much going on in my head I thought about nature and wondered if what I was experiencing was in some way a communication with nature. Maybe there was some collective consciousness out there that was somehow manipulating my environment to give me a message?

I then came across an article about 3 white ravens being discovered in a churchyard and it made me think about the Song for Magpie’s, one for sorrow, two for Joy etc. I wondered if that song was created by people who had noticed this nature number connection.

I decided to look again at the number 14 to see if there was a connection to reality or nature. This time I found a site that again was biblical in content, but it covered a couple of things. Firstly that in Matthew 1:17 the number 14 is used three times to denote the genealogy of Christ in regard to the line of David.

It also mentioned that the number 14 also occurs in only 3 verses of the new Testament.It then also pointed out that the number 14 here most likely referred to the Gematria of the Name David, but then he wrote out DVD as 6 - 4 - 6 and pointed out that this was the same as the number of edges faces and vertices of a tetrahedron.

I immediately then thought of the Star of David and how maybe it was somehow connected. The Star itself forms a hexagon in the centre, but if the two interlocking triangle were each actually tetrahedrons then we would get a star tetrahedron which I knew was a significant shape in nature due to the work of Richard Hoagland and Nassim Haramein. The Star of David was a significant symbol an esoteric one, did it contain a hidden message or code?

Now I am going to do something that I couldn’t have done at the time, but what I have since discovered is part of the nature of synchronicity i.e. I am going to leap forward in time in order to partly answer the question as to whether nature and numbers are connected and if the Star of David is hiding a number or connection with nature.

I am going to show you a video clip from a BBC program called of all things 'The Code' - Episode 3.

Now I never watched the series, only this episode and only because I wanted to watch Star Trek and was searching Virgins catch up service which somehow offered me this program and only this.

I was intrigued by the title and I am sure there was another star connection, which at the time made me think that this was maybe synchronistic, I settled down to watch the episode.

After about five minutes a little voice said switch it off. Now I have lost count of the number of times that by ignoring this voice I have gone on to have some very interesting experiences, so I am glad I decided to give the program a little more time, as it then started to talk about the patterns formed by migrating STAR-lings and then this happened.

If you missed it look again at around 2:27-2:28 (pi?). Did you also notice that he stated that these flocks of birds are called the 'Black Sun' The Black Sun is another name for Saturn the Lord of the Rings. Here is a picture from the North Pole of Saturn.

Note: the Hexagon in the centre caused by storms on Saturn, superimpose our 6 sided star and we get

Now there are so many different avenues we could explore here in regards to Saturn and the number 6 and maybe later I will, but at the time here was something telling me that indeed nature and numbers are not only connected but connected in a way that can somehow reveal answers to specific questions.

Unfortunately for then at least, my memory only works backwards, so at the time I was still unsure if the nature numbers connection was real, but my subconscious knew, as it is outside of time and my conscious mind was just about to find out via an epiphany.

I was contemplating the question how can it be that we have on one side the religious or spiritual aspect of life, which even if you move away from organised religion, seems to be in complete conflict with science and especially Darwinism. I had a picture of intelligence and Indifference all of these seeming opposites, how could they be resolved? Then came the epiphany, in my mind I saw them all as a subset of one thing, Nature itself.

This was about to have further weight added to it over the coming months but for now I was happy that I had resolved the seeming conflict in my mind. It released me from the box of Atheism and allowed my mind to dare to think outside of that box to see an endless set of possibilities...

Lost and Found part 3