Lost and Found Part 3 - Real Magic

Curiouser and curiouser!

Those who don’t believe in magic - will never find it” Roald Dahl

So with my epiphany I felt free to explore my intuitive Idea’s and listen to that nagging Voice within. I went back to the number plate and looked at the P, what did it mean? Was it a key to decode this whole number code? Or was it just irrelevant and was I trying to find meaning where there was none, maybe the other numbers were enough.

My friend then sent me an email with a link to an article about the ‘secret messages’ hidden in Plato's ancient text - In that article there is a line that didn’t have any special significance to me at the time, but is there to read retrospectively in terms of seeing how this article was the initiator of the biggest joint synchronicity my friend and I had ever had. Here is the quote

“The codes suggest that Plato was a secret follower of the philosopher Pythagoras and shared his belief that the secrets to the universe lie in numbers and maths“. In response to this article my reply was:

Thanks for that its interesting but doesn’t really reveal what these 'codes' uncover. If it's like the Bible code then it will most likely just be probabilistic coincidence, however I actually think the Bible code was almost a deliberate act to obfuscate the real codes hidden in the Torah the ones uncovered by Gematria.

During the next week, before he responded, I looked up the number 26 in Hebrew and found that this was the Gematria of their Most Holy name of God ‘Yaweh’ or ‘YHVH’. The value of the Name YHVH spelt (Yod, Hey, Vav, Hey) is 10+5+6+5 = 26 and was called the ‘Tetragrammaton’.

Intrigued as I saw a potential link here to the tetrahedron I investigated further and came across a seeming contradiction, as when the Name of God was revealed unto Moses by the ‘Burning bush’ he states his name as “I am that I am” and says to Moses “Tell them I AM has sent me to you ”. The Name I AM is spelt (Aleph, Hey, Yod, Hey) and has a Gematria of 21, 1+5+10+5 = 21.

I am that I am Ex 3:14

For those of you who are reading this and wondering why I had not made the connection that was staring me right in the face, well I needed one more clue. I became fascinated with the verse in Exodus and felt like I had discovered something but what? I copied an image of the Gematria of that statement to see if I could see any more by looking at it pictorially.

I AM that I AM

I am that I am 543

Then while looking further at the letter P in both Hebrew and Greek I came across this statement the Hebrew letter ‘P’ or ‘PEI’ is in the same position in the alphabet as the Greek Pi which is Transliterated as “P” A light then went on in my head and my brain started making connections. What is the value of Pi I thought I checked and saw it was written as 3.1415926.

Immediately I noticed two things even though I knew that there were an infinite number of decimal places to Pi the one that came up had 26 on the end just like my registration plate. Pi is commonly written as 3.14 and where did this epiphany occur while I was looking at Exodus 3:14.

My registration plate 3 84 14 3 26. Now before I could go any further with this I noticed an email in my inbox from my best friend Alex. It was a response to my reply from the week before. I have turned the email into an image so that you know the text has not been altered in any way.

Alex’s reply

I am that I am 543

Now it was my turn to say “WOW!” Without any prompting or communication from me Alex had not only managed to find the Tetragrammaton but he had looked at the Gematria of ‘I am that I am’ and ended up at Exodus 3:14 or Pi. He even writes our codes as E followed by 3 14.

This was synchronicity of the highest order he has also missed the fact that the Gematria of Moses is 345 which I picked up from his first link and that this is the inverse of 543. I needed to take a step back and look at what we had here. For me the message was clear 3 and 14 was 3.14 and Pi. Exodus 3.14 revealed the most holy name 'I am that I am'.

I then realised the following:

Pippins Pi Pippins Pi Pippins Pi Pippins Pi

It started with an article stating “The codes suggest that Plato was a secret follower of the philosopher Pythagoras and then we follow the ‘345’, the value of Moses and the famous pythagorean triangle, and end up with Moses receiving the Sacred name of God whose Value is 543, via Pi. Now thats what you call Synchronicity...

I realised now it was all pointing to Pi, from the moment I moved in to Pi-p-Pi-ns, to the number plate on my car, to the Number Value of the House to the Number Value of 'I Am that I Am'. Something was trying to get me to pay attention to Pi and this shared Synchronicity finally opened my eyes.

Sync - Image 143

Sync Pi

I also discovered someone else online that had also found Pi but in a different way, his name is Marty Leeds and he talks about Pi in relationship to the English alphabet and numbers, another form of Gematria, he calls it ‘Pi - The Great Work’

Click here to see why that is synchronous (this was Marty’s first upload and 10 Dec is my Birthday).

The Experiment

I immediately called Alex and we talked for a long time about the significance of this synchronicity. I decided that it was a cue for me to begin to share this with others, before now it had only really been about me and I was the only real witness to any of this, but with this joint synchronicity I felt that it was time to let others know.

I decided that I would first speak to my family and friends. I created a PowerPoint presentation with similar excerpts to what I have put down on this website but in less detail and I drove to visit my brother and sister in law, who live a good three hours’ drive from me, and shared with them my experience.

They were blown away by it all and immediately after, my brother asked have you watched Lost?

I said I hadn’t and he stated you must watch it, as it is all about numbers and their meanings. Interestingly JJ Abrams wrote Lost and it was his Version of Star Trek I would be looking for in the future that led me to the episode of ‘The Code’. He gave me the first couple of series he had on DVD (DVD = David) to watch.

The subsequent discussions between Alex and I led onto quantum effects. We thought that maybe the reason that we had the synchronicity was because we as best friends had some kind of quantum entanglement.

Talking about the experience I had had with my now ex-wife I reasoned that this may have happened because of the entanglement of my wife and I at the time.

So we devised an experiment to test this. I reasoned that if we were entangled at a quantum level, then he should be able to send me information at that level, which I would pick up via my subconscious and that may have been why he was drawn to Exodus 3.14, it was our connected unconscious communicating.

We decided that we would do a single, lottery type draw, he would pick a number, between 1 and 50, at random from bits of paper in a box. He would then tell nobody of the number he had picked and destroy all of the numbers once he had selected one. He would then try and send me that number and I would try and pick up that signal. We agreed that he would do the draw as soon as possible and that we would then meet in a couple of weeks, which we felt should be enough time to try to discover the number.

So I tried doing what I had done before, I was no longer religious and no longer believed in the God I prayed to first time around, but I figured that regardless of my beliefs, the method worked, so I should try it again; asking out loud, repeating the question and listening for an answer.

It was a few nights later when I got around to doing it, it was just before I went to bed I went through the whole process. I spoke each number out loud, admittedly there were 50 of them which made it more difficult, but I did it for about 30 minutes. I asked and listened but nothing, I sat on the bed and repeated the numbers but nothing. So I decided that I’d try again maybe tomorrow, it was late and I was tired. I then got into bed and switched on the TV.

via negativa

I was watching the X-files DVD set at the time, I’d watch an episode each night before I went to sleep. This particular episode was called "Via Negativa" and was about people’s dreams becoming a reality, at the start a man wielding an axe and possessing a third eye murdered two FBI agents with a blow to the head, the two agents having just stumbled upon a room filled with dead bodies all murdered by a blow to the centre of their head.

Now it wasn’t long into the episode that I must have just drifted off and just as I did in that state in between being awake and asleep I saw an axe go between the eyes of a head in my head and as it went into the head the number 21 popped out. I immediately woke up and thought what on earth was that?

The synchronicity of what I had been watching and what had just happened spooked me out a little. Was that the number I wondered? I wasn’t sure as It wasn't the way I was expecting to receive my answer. The next morning I told Liz about it, but it’s one of those experiences so far out of most peoples own experience that she really didn't know what to say. So now I had a number but I wasn’t totally confident in it due to it being a 'new experience', so I tried and asked again, but I received nothing else.

I am that I am 543

Real Magic

The time came and Alex and I met up. He picked me up in his car and as we sat there he stated that he had put the number as the background on his computer so I could go up and check after, but also to make sure I knew there was no cheating going on.

He then wrote the number on his hand and said nervously Ok go for it. So I told him the story of what I did, the synchronicity of how I was watching this specific X-files episode about axes being chopped into peoples third eyes and then how I drifted off and saw an axe enter a head in my head and the number 21 pop out.

As I got to that point in the story revealing the number, Alex’s face went pale, he held up his hand to show me the number 21 he had written on it. We both looked at each other for a moment almost in disbelief at what had just occurred. I will never forget that moment with Alex looking at me and saying "I feel like I have just experienced real magic"

I knew what he meant, but this wasn’t magic, this was evidence of some kind of non-local consciousness, a channel that maybe we can all tap into to access information. Yet at this point I still had no real great insight as to what, or why this was happening. All I knew was it was happening and that the number synchronicities that started it all now took on new meaning. They were evidence of this non local consciousness, my new belief system demanded evidence in order for information to be integrated into my overall paradigm and that’s what I felt this was. Yet I was still somehow lost and was about to be found...

For a further synchronicity take a look at this guys review of the episode from Imdb

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