Inception Part 3 - A road less travelled

Signs follow those that believe

As I started to become more aware of things happening around me and that had happened to me.

I realised that in order to get to where I was, in a physical sense, I had had to journey from where I used to live on a road that covered about 80% of the total journey.

This was no minor feat considering the journey itself was around 130 miles, this road was the A14.

It made me think that maybe this was another piece of intuitive wisdom I could turn into logical understanding. Maybe synchronicity is like a road sign, in that the more you see of the sign, the more you know you are heading in the right direction.

The fact that this road had led me to a place where I would begin to become aware of such things, made me think it was indeed a metaphor for what was happening.

The Author Ray Grasse, suggests that rather than being a "rare" phenomenon, synchronicity is more likely all-pervasive, and that the occasional dramatic coincidence is only the tip of a larger iceberg in terms of the meaning that underlies our lives.

I was starting to think he might be right.

A sign for a friend ‘E45’ ?

My best friend, who was really the only person I had spoken to about any of this, called me up to tell me of a strange incident that occurred while he was in the shower.

He recalled that for no reason he could fathom, a tub of E45 cream had leapt off the window ledge and onto the floor.

There was no one else in the bathroom at the time and upon examination he could find no rational explanation for this to happen.

I pointed out to him that it was interesting that this strange event should occur with an item that had such a symbolic title E45.

He agreed and said he probably would have thought nothing of it if I hadn’t of told him about my number synchronicities. Still it wasn’t long before he got to the what does it mean question again and the conversation ended not long after with me telling him to keep his eyes open.

A couple of days later he had obviously been pondering upon it and sent me an email saying that the E symbol, if turned around, could represent a 3 so that it would be 345.

I wasn’t sure why he was thinking like that, but it turns out that this was an extremely important intuitive discovery on his part, that would much later bring us one of those “what are the odds“ joint synchronicities.

From then until now our connection has evolved into what we term as a 14-45 sync. So much so that we have a shared cloud folder called ‘1445’ where we keep all of our synchronistic data.

To further emphasise how synchronicity plays out and to add to the idea of 'road signs' being a metaphor I discovered the following connection with two major roads in the UK, the A45 and the A14.

The A45 is a major road in England. It runs east from Birmingham past the National Exhibition Centre and the M42, then bypasses Coventry and Rugby, where it briefly merges with the M45 until it continues to Daventry.

It then heads to Northampton and Wellingborough before running north of Rushden and Higham Ferrers and terminating at its junction with the A14 road in Thrapston.

When the new A14 A1-M1 link road was opened to traffic in the mid-1990s, the Cambridge to Felixstowe stretch of the A45 was redesignated as the A14.

This connection with the two roads hints at how our paths have crossed through the numbers and maybe how our destinies will in some way merge.

An English Qabala

As I played around with both Greek and Hebrew, I wondered if there was an English Gematria that I could use for modern day words that had no real link to ancient texts and Languages, to give me a 'trinity of tools' so to speak.

While looking for this elusive English Gematria I discovered lots of candidates but none of them produced any real synchronicities.

Then one day while looking for things connected with the number 140, I came accross a site that not only brought forth another number synchronicity with 140, but it did so by Using an English Gematria to connect 140 to a specific event that had had a profound effect upon the whole world 9/11.

The following words all added up to 140 in this English Gematria:

George W Bush = 140

Twin Towers = 140

Osama Bin Laden = 140

Click here if you want to try it for yourself

Upon further investigation I discovered that this English Gematria or Cipher was called the “New Aeon English Qabala” and was discovered in the channelled writings of Aleister Crowley.

The cipher itself is created by putting the English Alphabet into a 10 x 10 matrix and then moving diagonally, in sequence, to create the letter number correspondence.

A=1, L=2, W=3, H=4, S=5, D=6, O=7, Z=8, K=9, V=10, G=11, R=12,C=13, N=14, Y=15, J=16, U=17, F=18, Q=19, R=20, M=21, X=22, I=23, T=24, E=25, P=26

I was not sure at the time to make of this English Gematria system, but I took it to be of value as I was led to it by serendipity. So I typed in my name to see if there was any further synchronicities.


I couldn’t find any connections at that time, which always seems to be the case when I go specifically looking, serendipity seems top be the way things happen, but intuitively I felt there was something there.

So I took it along with me as another tool to use on my synchronistic journey. Little did I know how important a tool it would become in a few years time, in terms of helping to unveil the message being communicated to me.

I soon realised that in my own name, the middle letter of Lance is obviously N and that in both the NAEQ, and the normal English Alphabet, if you take its ordinal value(position), you find the value of N is also 14.

So in the middle of my name is the number 14. Which is synchronistically the same in both the english alphabet and the NAEQ.

The remaining letters of my name in the NAEQ = 41 the inverse image of 14, and 41 + 14 being equal to 55.

Note: the name of my website is ‘Truth in the Middle’ and I will repeat this observation many times, I have discovered the message of 'truth' being 'in the middle' in regards to synchronicity is so intrinsic that I can only assume the name itself came to me as part of the synchronistic process.

Moving on

It was now around 2003 and while there were many more synchronicities I could speak about, I think that this brief introduction has provided enough of an overview to at least let you see how synchronicities work and evolve.

What I have so far shown you is just the tip of the iceberg, but it reflects where I was at the time.

While I was sure something was happening with these events, I still wasn’t sure it was real. I constantly had to reflect and check that I wasn't just imagining it all, but intuitively I knew it was more than that, frustratingly I didn’t know how much more.

The metaphor of the words/numbers being road signs was about to gain even further validity as I was now about to enter the ‘wilderness’ to use a biblical metaphor.

The cause of this was my adoption of the mechanistic, deconstuctionist scientific viewpoint in regards to everything. While the study of Darwinism was valuable, I had no spiritual outlet at all, I was out of balance and because of that I was moving in the wrong direction.

How do I know that, well the numbers disappeared, not completely, but enough for me to look around and realise I was lost...


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