Inception Part one - A living Matrix

In the beginning...

I thought this all began when I hit thirty but in reality it began from the moment I was born, I have always had a love of numbers ever since I can remember. I never really understood why, it was just one of those things. Playing with them, working out how I could use them to make predictions and solve problems, it was essentially, part of my nature.

What follows is how those numbers and certain patterns started to manifest in my reality in ways simple probability couldn’t account for. Now some may see this as a mixture of confirmation bias and Pareidolia, feel free at any point to stop reading as this is neither something you must believe nor something you can in any way debunk.

It is what it is, an honest recollection of events combined with, in my opinion, an extraordinary set of synchronicities, that has led me to believe that somehow my life and Pi are connected.

Pi π

For those of you who are not aware or need a reminder of what Pi is. It is the ratio of the Diameter of the circle to its Circumference (perimeter). It has two commonly used values, a fractional approximation, '22/7' or a more accurate decimal representation 3.14.

Note. The decimal part of Pi is actually infinite as far as we know. I am just showing it to two decimal places as this is again a good general approximation.

My penchant for numbers re-emerged in my late 20’s when I discovered Gematria, which is an ancient study of the connection between words/letters and numbers. In most ancient languages there were no numerals at all, rather the letters of these Alphabets were instead assigned numerical values. Two of the specific ‘Biblical’ languages Gematria covers are Hebrew and Greek.

Each Alphabet starts with a 1 for the First letter which is Aleph/Alef in Hebrew and Alpha in Greek and goes up by single increments until it hits the tenth letter then it increases in increments of 10 until it gets to 100 the 19th letter and then in increments of 100 until it runs out of letters.

There are 22 standard letters in the Hebrew Alphabet and 24 in the Greek Alphabet.


So as I was saying this caused me to, reconnect with my interest in numbers and while doing so I discovered that a guy by the name of Sterling D Allen, who was the moderator of a forum I was a member of called ‘David’s Outcasts’, had his own take on number letter connections and had developed a very right brain oriented way of looking at them.

For example one of the things he would do was to use the telephone number of someone and then look up the page number in a dictionary or lexicon using part of that number and draw conclusions from those connections he called this methodology ‘Alphabetics’.

At the time I was very very logically, left brain orientated, so I struggled with both his methodology and his conclusions, they seemed far to open to interpretation allowing too much opportunity for confirmation bias for my liking.

Still I was intrigued and then he produced an article entitled '666 the Man of sin revealed' which was about the connections between the leader of the Mormon Church at the time and the antichrist.

This radical idea made me want to test this for myself to see if words and numbers are really connected on some level and if that connection had any real meaning at all. This decision marked the real beginning of the journey...

My first number...

I was a brand new software graduate at the time at a company called Alenia Marconi, and so was living away from my wife and children until we could afford to buy a house in the area.

I remember looking around the room I was lodging in and thinking to myself where am I going to get a number from? I also remember looking up to the heavens and saying come on help me out here, so I decided to sleep on it.

That night I had a dream. In it my Father gave me a check for £ 140,000 and as the dream continued, I found that rather than putting the money in the bank, I was holding on to it tightly in my hand.

This made me anxious, as I knew that it was of no real worth to me until I cashed it, but it also made me look at the number on the cheque, so much so that I remembered it when I awoke in the morning.

As I pondered upon this dream, I wondered why my father had given me a check for £140,000. It seemed like such an arbitrary figure and one that I couldn’t relate to any particular item that I desired.

I then thought that perhaps it had something to do with the gathering of the 144,000 talked about in revelation, but dismissed the idea, as there was no real association in the dream to indicate that at all.

Then suddenly I realised that I actually had a number, albeit a very large one, and that I could potentially use it to test for myself the Alphabetics method.

I also realised that the only references material I had to hand in my lodgings were a set of Mormon Scriptures, and that the only real dictionary in them was a relatively small Bible Dictionary/Topical guide.

I also realised that the number 140,000 was much too large to match up with any page number in any dictionary.

So after some thought I went with my intuition and decided that if I discarded the 1000 aspect of the number, which is technically separated by the comma, then I would have a sensible figure, i.e. 140, that I could use.

I see this is an example of ‘thinking outside the box’ a time when analysis and logic gets in the way. Why? Well the box is made of the limits of our experience and built upon the logic and rational of what we believe and are told is possible. The box is the Matrix, the prison for your mind...

A message from the 'Father'?


Now I must say that I was hoping that there would be some word on the page that related to my dream, but expecting that I would start to do, what I had begun to think Sterling did with the words he found, and what people do with horoscopes, i.e. find what they want to find, and make the words fit already drawn conclusions(Confirmation bias).

When I opened the Topical Guide to page 140, to my surprise there were no ten or eleven words on that page, there was just one.

In fact it took up the whole of that page, as well as the end of the previous page. So I turned to the previous page, to see what the word was and you can imagine my surprise when I saw that the word for the whole of page 140 was, 'FATHER'.

This was the beginning of my understanding of Synchronicity, for those who don't know Synchronicity was a term coined by Carl Jung in the 1950's and can be described as a series of events that are unlikely to occur together by chance and yet are related in a meaningful manner, which becomes even more meaningful when considered as a whole.

These events in my experience are like the sea breeze; once you become aware of it, you can use it as a source of momentum and direction. Synchronicity according to Jung serves a role similar to that of dreams, with the purpose of shifting a person’s egocentric conscious thinking towards greater wholeness.

So I decided to pursue the matter further, I had asked for a number to test and received one and had found a connection between the number and how I received the number, but had no idea what it meant.

I decided to write to Sterling to share my experience with him and see if he could aid me any further in my understanding. He responded with the following email:


Perhaps the 1,000 part of it is meaningful inasmuch as this is the number of aleph/God.

Word 140 in Greek means, “to choose” Ironically, the Greek word, hairetizo, is etymologically very close to the word ‘heretic.’ (Isn’t it the truth that those who start searching will find the apostasy of the way they once embraced and become seen as a heretic to those who were once their allies.)

Word 140 in OT Hebrew is the named Adonikam, which means “Jehovah is my Lord” I have a note in my margin that the scripture reverence cited, Neh. 7:18 is the same as Ezra 2:13, which is a listing of the number of children of Adonikam, which is given as 666. An opposite contrasting witness.

Sterling D Allen.

So the related words in Strongs Concordance implied firstly a choice, which at the time I felt was about whether I chose to believe in this or not.

Secondly we have a reference to Word 140 in OT Hebrew ‘Adonakim’ which brings us back to the number '666' and further synchronicity. In fact Adonakim is known as being a '666 man'.

As far as the meaning of Adonikam is concerned Sterling was not correct in his interpretation. The name Adonikam consists of two elements:

1) The first part is the word adonai. which means 'my lord', or 'lord of'.

2) The second part The verb (qum) meaning to rise up or stand.

This verb is used in all the expected ways from getting up from a prostrate position (Exodus 21:19. Joshua 3:16) a kneeling position (1 Kings 8:54) or sitting position (Genesis 25:34).

It may indicate the start of a journey (Deuteronomy 17:8). a paying attention (Numbers 23:18). a giving testimony (Deuteronomy 19 15).

This verb is used when items are set up (idols - Leviticus 26:1). or when one assumes an office or position: that of leader (Genesis 37:7). prophet (Deuteronomy 3410). judge (Judges 10.1).

Thus this verb also used when a covenant is established (Exodus 6:4) or maintained (Isaiah 28:16).

This verb is also frequently used in a military sense of rising up against someone or some army (Judges 7:15 Exodus 2:17). In conjunction with God. This verb often occurs in a plea for God to rise up against enemies (Psalm 3:7)

As shown in Mark 5:41. This verb also exists in Aramaic. Jesus uses it when He raises Jairus daughter from the dead by saying ‘talitha kum’?. [1]

Now the interesting part was that of the verb Qum, which had extremely interesting connections to what I was doing. To rise up from a prostate(the dead),kneeling or sitting position. To start a Journey, pay attention, give testimony, establish a covenant.

Each single interpretation had its own synchronous connection with the whole scenario, together it was again a little mind blowing.

Finally and Interestingly, Sterling Didn’t mention this in his reply to me, but there is only one occurrence of the Greek word[140] ‘hairetizo’ in the New testament:

Behold my servant, whom I have chosen [140]; my beloved, in whom my soul is well pleased : I will put my spirit upon him, and he shall shew judgment to the Gentiles. Mat 12:18

Now I didn’t realise how interesting this was at the time, I just thought it was interesting that rather than a choice, it indicates being chosen for something.

The words highlighted after ‘chosen’ my beloved add further synchronicity as 'beloved' is the meaning of the name David and the place where I initially correspond with Sterling was on a forum he had set up called 'David’s Outcasts'.

To add even more synchronicity the number value of the name ‘David’ in Hebrew, which I will demonstrate in part 2, has the value 14.

The only conclusions I drew from all of this was that if nothing else it was worth pursuing.

I had no real experience with synchronicity, so it all seemed frighteningly coincidental (the word weird was used a lot). But something inside of me, triggered by my intuition, began to awake that day.

From that point I deemed the Word Father and the number 14 and any floating point derivative of it as possible synchronistic keys to help me unlock this code I was being shown.

I started looking at Gematria for clues and while doing so I looked up the Hebrew word for Father and found the word ‘abba’ which I didn’t know at the time is in actualy the Aramaic word for Father*.

I then made an email address called abba140uk, which I still occasionally use today, as a reminder of these key components.

It felt in a way like I had seen part of the Matrix, the film itself had been released only the previous year, and it had had an amazingly profound effect upon me and coincided with my departure from the main Matrix of control in my life called ‘religion’.

Still what did it mean?

Reading it intuitively it said to me, I had been chosen to rise up and embark upon a Journey which required me to pay attention to the signs, Father and 14(0)? So that I could one day bear witness to an event or covenant, that would change my life forever. So the adventure began...

*The actual word for 'Father' in Hebrew is 'ab'.

Inception Part 2