Cracking Skull and Bones

1st April 2019

The internet abounds with different theories about one of the worlds most notorius secret societies, Yales Skull and Bones. I am about to decode one of their secrets, the 322 code that appears on the infamous symbol of death.

Now all secrets have many levels of decoding and you can find most of these online.

The first level is that 322 is a reference Genesis 3:22.

The second level is that 322 is a reference to the date March 22 the spring Equinox.

Both of these levels have definite elements of truth within them, but they are still missing a vital element a third level which I am now about to reveal.

In order to do that I must first introduce you to another number that is equally as mysterious 137.

Flashforward - 137

In the TV series Flashforward the first Global Blackout took place on October 6, 2009 at 11:00 AM, Pacific Daylight Time. Nearly everyone in the world lost consciousness for 2 minutes and 17 seconds - 137 seconds - during which most saw a vision - or "flashforward" - of their lives six months into the future: April 29.

April 29 is the 119th day of the year

217(137) is the room number for a haunted hotel room in Stephen King's novel The Shining. Similarly to what happens in FlashForward, a character in The Shining is given visions of the future which may or may not happen to a future version of himself.

In Episode 2 called '137 Sekunden' an ex Nazi points out the connection between 137 and the Kabbalah, in that it has a Hebrew Gematria of 137.

Kabbalah = 137 (Hebrew Gematria)

137 is also the 33rd prime number, 33 is the highest degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry, which is based solely on Kabbalah.

Now You See Me

Is the All Seeing 'Eye of Horus' telling us that through 137 all things become visible? Notice that the right eye is covered indicating a need to engage the right brain.

Back to Phi back to reality

Unlike what most peoiple think phi or the Golden Ratio is produced by any sequence of numbers created by deriving the next number from the sum of the previous two. We simply divided the newly created number by the previous number abd the golden ratio 1.618 appears.

The most famous of these sequences we know as the 'Fibonnaci sequence', however as I said, any sequence created in this way will produce our Golden Ratio, so it is slightly misleading to think that it is actually only derived from the 'Fibonnaci sequence'. Not only that, but there is a sequence called the 'Lucas Sequence', which not only produces the same Golden Ratio but if we take to the power of the index of the sequence, then the answer is identical to the parallel value in the 'Lucas Sequence' value.

We will come back to the significance of this later.

Time Code

Remember Skull and Bones always have a Grandfather clock in their pictures set at 8 O'Clock. It's to let others know it's a time code.

So lets look at in relation to our time code. If we take a calander year and apply to the number of days, so that we obtain the value of b we see that:

365.25 / (1 + ) ≅ 226

Applying colel here we uncover both a Pi 227 connection and...

When subtracted from our 365 day year, we get 138 or another colel 137.

The associated days with these numbers are August 15 and May 18 which are 2 months and 28 days apart.

This is a Skull connection 22 bones 7 Associated bones.

However this leads us on to what the year represents a greate circle of time

Golden Angle

The Golden Ratio = 137 (Modern Greek Ordinal)

The Golden Ratio = 97 (Hebrew Gematria)

60 x = 97

97 = 1 minute and 37 seconds

The Golden Angle of the circle

The Golden Angle occurs when you break up a circle so that the ratio of the big arc to the little arc is the Golden Ratio. It’s like taking the line definition of the Golden Ratio and wrapping it into a circle – green is to red as red is to blue.

The resulting angle, the Golden Angle measures approximately 137°

So our value of 137 is intimately connected with both and the circle.

This just leaves us with a simple conclusion:

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