A Gematria Word Tarot

After creating a Gematria word decoding web page a while ago, I decided to try to compile the words I had entered into a gematria dictionary.

I created this in an excel spreadsheet, but I never felt that I could easily find the potential connections between the words easily enough. I needed a more powerful tool, a real database, so I to decided to try to attach one to my web page.

Still even though I had decided to 'do it', I never got around to it, whenever I looked at it, it just didn’t feel right. It was only when one day I decided I wanted a comments section for my web site, that I found a tutorial that also involved setting up a MySQL database.

Once I understood the basics I then decided to use this for my Gematria database. After a lot of trial and error I eventually got it to work, on the 20/4/16. I wasn’t sure how much it would help much with word synchronicity, but I did think that it would be a useful reference to have similar value words appear.

Quantum leap

Now as you may or may not have experienced, synchronicity functions primarily in the realm of intuition. Intuition works because it is in tune with the quantum level of reality.

Nothing at the quantum level is continuous or linear, there are no quantifiable steps between where a particle is and where it ends up. Which is why quantum particles can appear on the other side of barriers that in a continuous reality they could not penetrate.

Intuition is the same, it leaps to a point in our consciousness with information that has not come to us through a ‘logical’ step by step process and so it is the way in which we can interact with ‘true reality’ via synchronicity.

Time and space are key factors in regards to your intuition. The phrase 'being in the right place at the right time' is a truism. It is your intuition that will prompt you along the path to a point in space that will lead to your goal being achieved at the right time for its purpose to be achieved.

This is why motivational mantra’s like ‘never give up’ and ‘do it now’ fail for the vast majority of people.

You need to do it when you feel the energy is right, as then the time will also be right.

It may well be something you have tried and given up on before but this time it all seems to fall into place, this is the true meaning of 'never giving up'.

The timing is so important because only then can the universe produce amazing synchronicity’s that are significant because of their timing.

The proof is in the pudding

My completion of this word synchronicity Gematria tool was due to me going with the flow of intuition. Therefore, there should be some synchronicities that will occur would be insignificant at any other time.

I only planned to enter words into my new database that I had already collected in my spreadsheet as they were intuitive entries not random ones. However as I was doing so I occasionally was intuitively prompted to add a related word to the one I was currently entering, so I did.

It had been a very synchronous few days and it was coming up to Jupiter day the 21st Of April. My brother and I had been discussing the upcoming referendum in relation to the number 118( a very big sync number) as the date of the referendum 23/6 or 236 was 118 + 118.

I thought it interesting that a replica of the ‘Arch of Triumph’ from Palmyra Syria was being constructed in Trafalgar square on the 19th Of April, two days before Jupiter day.

Especially when also discovered that the 21st also coincided with the Queens 90th birthday and a visit by Obama, which was in part in regards to the upcoming referendum.

The Arch made me think about the 'Champs Elysee' where the French 'Arc de triumphe' is located as the length of the Champs Elysee is 1.18 miles.

A view of the 'Roue de Paris' shining behind the Obelisk of Luxor

Following my intuition I decided to measure the distance from the Arch of triumphs position in Trafalgar Square, to the London eye, to Cleopatra’s Needle and then back again to the Arch, so it formed a triangle. I chose this route as when I went to Paris they had the 'Roude de Paris' installed on the Place de la Concorde where the twin Obelisk of Londons Cleopatra’s Needle, the 'Obelisk of Luxor', stands.

Here is what I discovered using google maps measuring tool

The length of the triangle was 1.18 miles; this is an example of an intuitive discovery as it was not something I had thought about doing the idea just came into my head.

I think the number 118 somehow ties in with the Knights Templar, due to the date of their inception being 1118, but I am not completely sure in what way. However as they were also on a crusade at the time and were fighting Islam it ties in very neatly with what is currently happening, especially when you see one of the British newspapers printing things like this.

The red cross was the symbol of the Templars.

Now the final discussion my brother and I had was another 118 discussion and it was about the two flights from Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia that ended up either being shot down or getting ‘Lost’. I refer to flights MH17 and MH370, flight MH17 had its last known heading as 118 degrees before they lost contact.

MH17 Flight Data

Flight MH370 had its last full handshake at 8:11 or 0:11 GMT on the 8th March .

MH370 last full handshake

This coincided with my watching of a clip from MI4 Ghost Protocol where they are trying to access the server on the 130th Floor of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building in the World.

As Tom Cruise is about the climb up the building he is told that the Server room is ‘11 floors up and 7 units across’. This is a clear Pyramid reference, as the ratio of the Great Pyramid at Giza is 7:11. In fact all of these buildings are Pyramid or imitations of them. What they then do, once they have access to the server, is change the floor number they are on from 119 G to 118 G.

How does this come back full circle, well we discovered a pyramid is being erected in Kuala Lumpa which would currently be the third largest Building(Pyramid) in the world and it is called the KL118 Tower.

At this point we had did our usual recap and wonder at how and if it’s all connected in any way .

I finally completed my word comparison page that evening so it was all ready. In order to test it, I wondered what word I should enter first. I intuitively went with 'Pyramid'. So I typed it in and this was the result:

Now I am aware that this set of relations is fixed, however I noticed, as I previously mentioned, that one of the intuitive words that I had added to my new database that was not in my original list was here, 'brother'

The NAEQ values are the ones I have primarily used for all of my synchronistic experiences and they have always been the most meaningful. Here you can see a reference to Brother, Airplane a big part of our discussion and then 'The Code' which is I guess what this is and then the word teacher which I assume means this is something to learn from here.

In terms of timing this seems to be a very synchronous first word for me to type in. It describes in part my last few days of synchronistic investigation and discusion and who I was talking to about it. It is certainly evidence that this can be potentially a very useful synchronicity tool.

For further evidence click on the Gematria tool and check it out for yourself, you will see things like the NAEQ value of the 'Arch of Triumph' is equal to the value of 'Synchronicity' 182. Prince who died on the same day is connected to the words, music, death and Victoria who as 'Victoria Wood' died only the day before.

Use you intuition and see what you can find and email me with any comments you might have.

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