What is Truth?

The question has been pondered down through the ages 'What is truth?'. What I have discovered is, that while truth may be absolute, our view of it is often skewed by our narrow perceptions.


Truth is found in the middle, it is the zero point, the synthesis, the dialectic. Its theme is neither love nor hate, but indifference. It has no life of its own, it is, like all language, a concept created to be applied in regards to a proposition or argument. Yet we venerate it as if it were itself a deity and shout blasphemy at those who would dare to deny the chisled stone statues we have made of it.

I am about to present to you my perspective of truth in regards to reality. I have had some amazing experiences which I deem as real, although to others they might seem magical or even delusional. I will take you on my journey and hope you can set aside your predjudices long enough to at least entertain the ideas that I will present.

To paraphrase Aristotle if I may,

it is the sign of a mature mind to entertain an idea without having to accept it."

So please entertain mine and in turn let me entertain yours...